15.6" Екран

15.6" Екран

Notebook Stand/Cooler Deepcool E-LAP Green up to 15.6"

1,430.00 МКД

Features: * Unique design of butterfly appearance & natural color combination.* Soft spongy material makes the notebook on your lap comfortable.* Ergonomic design offers a nice angle for typi..

Notebook Stand/Cooler Deepcool Multi Core X6 up to 15.6" Metal Mesh Black

1,190.00 МКД

Features* Built-in four fans provide massive airflow to cool the whole notebook base with no blind area.* The creative Multi-Core Control Technology enables users to apply 4 different fan-working stat..

Notebook Stand/Cooler Deepcool N200 Black up to 15.6"

530.00 МКД

Features* Compatible with 15.6" notebooks and below.* 120mm fan with big airflow offers high cooling performance.* Big area aluminum mesh allows optimal airflow to cool the notebook efficiently.* Anti..

Notebook Stand/Cooler Deepcool N300 Black up to 15.6"

660.00 МКД

Features* 200mm fan offers big airflow and high cooling performance.* Big area metal mesh allows optimal airflow to cool the notebook efficiently.* Superb air intake design.* USB pass-through connecto..

Notebook Stand/Cooler Deepcool WIND PAL MINI Black up to 15.6"

570.00 МКД

Features:* 140mm blue LED fan.* Crescent shape with metal mesh panel design provides great air flowing.* Unique crescent structure provides comfortable using.Application For: Compatible with 15.6..

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